Ways to Help ChuckRoast

For those that are unaware last Wednesday the 9th of April my house collapsed into a sinkhole and has been condemned. I lost everything. I am currently being put up by the Red Cross at a motel until I can find a new place to live. I am trying to raise funds on Indigogo to cover the first months rent plus the security deposit. Here are ways you can help.

Link to the Indiegogo campaign. – You can go to that link and it will generate sharing buttons for social networks and a url that you can share with others.

Link to our Facebook event. – You can help by spreading our fundraising even on Facebook. You can invite your friends using their invitation method or by copying and pasting the url into your timeline https://www.facebook.com/events/733803023326433/?ref=22

Write a story about it and post it to your blog or website – Spreading the word is crucial right now.

If you would like to make a direct donation using Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or even eCheck you can use the following link. Donate Now

Thank you for any help you can provide at these very stressful and trying times.

Everything Has Collapsed

Tonight my house collapsed. I am homeless again.

I arrived home about 4:00pm EST from helping a friend (Jeanette) who had been staying with me until she could get back on her feet from a much needed doctor’s appointment. When I went to unlock the door to my house I noticed that the screen door was scraping against the steps as though the house had sunk down an inch or so.

As the evening progressed we kept hearing creaking noises with an occasional thud. The house would shake like an earthquake. The noises started getting louder and closer together in time. I went outside with a flashlight and noticed that the house seemed to be leaning a little on one side. It was also leaning directly on the Gas main pipe. We knew something was not right and immediately called 911.

They instructed us to leave the house immediately and that the fire department was on it’s way. As we were heading out the door things started to go bad fast. Windows were popping, doors were cracking, etc. We made it outside and the fire department was showing up as thankfully they are located just down the road.

The fire department  illuminated the house and seconds later the whole thing just caved in. It was like something out of a movie.

The house is condemned and and I am now homeless. Thankfully the Red Cross was able to get us a motel room for the night.

But now I don’t know what I am going to do. If anyone would like to help out I’ve set up a donation page.

Please do anything you can. If you can’t donate, you could help by sharing this page and or write a blog article about it. I would greatly appreciate it.

Direct link to Donation Page.

Facebook Page set up for support. (with photos of the disaster)

Pre-Order Pligg Gallery Module Now!

Today I am going to start accepting pre-orders for the Pligg Gallery Module. The reason I am doing this is so that I can finish the work that needs to be done on my plumbing emergency since not one single donation came in. I will be limiting the amount of pre-orders to 6 and I will personally install and configure it on your Pligg site within a few business days of purchasing. By pre-ordering this module you will also be eligible for the updates. So you will be saving a lot of money. This module will be updated often and new features added constantly. Once the module is sold regularly to everyone else, it will be sold on a subscription basis to receive the updates. Anyone who pre-orders the module will be able to download these updates for free.

If you haven’t seen the Pligg Gallery Module go take a look at the preview.

I will be removing the link to buy this module after the first 6 pre-orders are gone so act now.

Pre-Order the Pligg Gallery module HERE.

Please Help! – More Plumbing Problems!

I have the worst luck in the world. For the 3rd time this winter I’m caught up in a major plumbing problem here at my place. First the pipes froze and burst on me, then the drain froze a couple weeks later requiring and entire 50 foot section to be replaced. Now the pipes burst again but this time in a horrible inaccessible location. Requiring the toilet to be removed, the entire floor to be cut out, and rebuilt from scratch just to to access the leak.

I am begging and pleading for donations from any readers here. This couldn’t have come at the worst time. I seriously can not afford this. I need to buy materials to repair this, just to I can go to the bathroom. If you can spare anything I would greatly appreciate it.

Please Donate

Please Donate

Preview – User Gallery for Pligg CMS

Today I am happy to announce a game changing module for Pligg CMS. The User Gallery module will allow all your users to have their own photo gallery directly on your Pligg site. They will also have the option of sharing the photos on other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Users will also have the ability to share any photo as a story submission, and the photo will be embedded within the story.

This module will be available very soon. Check out the demo video Continue reading

On Demand Module Update

The On Demand module has now been updated to include being able to submit a video as a post on your Pligg site directly from the search results. The video will automatically be embedded into the submission. I’m also close to releasing a really amazing new module. This one will be a game changer for Pligg sites, so I’m looking for a couple beta testers. Get in touch with me on this facebook post if you are interested.

Member Plus Module Released

Today I’m happy to release a new module called Member Plus. This module brings new social features to your Pligg CMS site such as live chat, and expands and makes some of the other socializing features within Pligg much more accessible and easier for your users to utilize. Head on over to the Member Plus page and check out all the features and the demo video.