Another Social Pro Kit Update

This morning I uploaded the latest version of the Social Pro Kit for Pligg CMS. This latest update includes many bug fixes, changes, and a new feature. The main new feature for this update is that you can now search by using voice through the microphone from your pc, laptop, phone, or tablet devices while using Google Chrome or any fully x-webkit compatible browser. Read on for more information.

There were also several important bug fixes to this version including some fixes to the inbox, and new private message notifications. The Calendar module for the Social Pro Kit has been redesigned and is now available from the sidebar instead of the previous hover and drop down technique in the main top menu. This was changed to give the feature more accessibility to devices that do not support hovering such as some mobile touchscreen phones.

The update also now includes an update notification module. This module will ping once per day to see if there are any newer version of the Social Pro Kit available. This should make it much easier for people using the Social Pro Kit to know when a new version of it is available for them to download, instead of having to monitor my site or my Facebook page for announcements.

The latest version is now available to download from your Pligg Account.


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