Auto Content Scraper 1.3 Released

I finally finished the new version of the Auto Content Scraper module for Pligg CMS. It’s now available to download from your account here or on  I will be adding this new version into the Social Pro Kit sometime tomorrow along with an announcement of a new version of the Social Pro Kit as well. So make sure you watch for that. Lets take a look at what’s different in the new Auto Content Scraper..

You might not recognize it because so much has changed. It’s now a full blown media king. You can do practically anything with this module now.  Not only will it scrape for content but you can now optionally add your own. Including video, music, documents, maps, etc. The list goes on. It now can handle 20 different file types and comes with it’s own custom upload module. So if your users don’t like the content that has been selected for them from the url they are submitting, they can override that and add their own.


Gone are the lame website screenshot thumbnails. Now each url is scraped for content. Not just the 250 rich media sites anymore. Almost all urls are supported now and it will make every attempt tp grab some kind of embeddable content.. I’ve also made it so all the content will show on both the summary pages and the story pages. This was requested by a lot of people and it should make them very happy.

Each url submission will also now be scraped for it’s Favicon and added in the story title.

You can now use the Auto Content Scraper to embed practically any media file of your choosing.  20 file formats are supported. You can upload video files, music files, images, and even documents.  You can even add a url to a media file and it will embed it in it’s proper player automatically.

Your users can share the default embedded content to Facebook or Twitter, and even re-embed it on their own site if they wish.

Don’t be fooled by imitation modules that use the words auto embed in their title. They really don’t auto embed much of anything and you will end up spending the same amount of money for no features.. The Auto Content Scraper is the only complete embedding module for online content and for user uploaded or linked content on the Pligg platform.


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