Social Pro Kit 9.3.4 Released

By far the most popular complete package for any Pligg site is the Social Pro Kit which was first released in 2010. Over the years it’s been updated frequently and today I’m happy to announce the release of the Social Pro Kit 9.3.4.  This new release raises the bar by the inclusion of the latest addition of the Auto Content Scraper which will embed content on each users individual posts. When submitting a link, users are presented with suggested content to embed as in previous versions. But they now have the option of adding their own content instead.

Users can now optional upload media files and have them embedded directly into their submission instead of using the default scraped content as before. An example of usage could be a musician submitting a link to his website, and adding a MP3 to the submission. The mp3 can either be uploaded or linked via the submission page. The story would include the song embedded in a flash player for anyone to stream directly from your site.

You can also now add videos and have them embed into a story submission. Most media file types are supported. Even mobile 3gp video.Check out the Auto Content Scraper page to see a complete list of supported file types.

This makes the Social Pro Kit a monster when it comes to media sharing. People can share PDF documents and also personally created Google Earth KMZ files to the entire world. Of course a user can also just to optionally add their own image to a spot as well.

The Social Pro Kit 9.3.4 for Pligg CMS is now available to download here from your account or from your account on

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