Social Pro Kit Bug Fixes

Thanks to Erik and Durukan for reporting some issues with the previous release of the Social Pro Kit for Pligg CMS. I have just released another updated version that is now available to download from your Pligg Account. There were even some unreported aesthetic fixes added to it that I noticed while I was working on it, so I figured I would fix those as well.

Here is a rundown of what’s been fixed and or changed since the last release.

  • Register and Login popups have been fixed.
  • Sidebar search button positioning fixed.
  • Breadcrumb separator added.
  • Vote total is now visible to users not logged in. This wasn’t really a bug but I had a couple people request it, so it was added.
  • Styling fixes to the Submit page 1 screen.
  • Styling fixes to the profile views.
  • Sidebar Stories style improvements
  • Temporarily removed the SPK_Update module for now because it will need some coding on the back end of to function correctly. This modules only function is to ping once per day to check for an updated Social Pro Kit. I hope to add this later and possibly open it up for other template vendors to use in the future, so they can also notify users of updates made to their templates as well.

If you are upgrading the Social Pro Kit from a previous version follow these simple instructions.

  • First make a backup of your template directory. This is just smart and should always be done when making any changes to your site.
  • Next unpack the .zip file and upload the /facelook/ folder to yoursite/templates/ Overwriting the old folder.
  • Now go to your Pligg Amin Panel and on the main screen you will want to delete your template cache.
  • That should be all you need to do.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

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