Social Pro Kit Updated Today

Today the Social Pro Kit has been given a massive update. The most important new feature is the Social Pro Kit now contains the only Search Engine Optimized template for Pligg CMS using structured markup and micro data. You will now see increased Google rankings and you’re indexed stories will now stand out by displaying the title, author, vote count, authors avatar, and story content excerpts. This information is now available to Google for indexing for every story submitted.

Other additions include the story counter module which will count how many times a story page has been accessed and display that total to every user in the story footer tools section on story pages. The admin can also access statistics directly from that story page to see in depth information about the readers.

Bug fixes include making the vote number a little smaller and more constrained within the vote box. Admins can now access the admin panel link from their user drop down menu on any front facing page. Send to phone module icon correction and better alignment.

Pligg Social Pro Kit

You can now download the update from your Pligg Account.

~ ChuckRoast


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