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Easily add Facebook commenting to Pligg CMS submissions.

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Product Description

It’s Finally Here!

The brand new Facebook Comments module for Pligg CMS lets you easily add Facebook commenting to all stories on your site. It’s a proven fact that visitors to a website will interact more if they can easily comment without being required to signup and log in. With the Facebook Comment module for Pligg CMS you will be opening up your site to comment interactions from 1.5 billion internet users. Users will also have the ability to “like” a story on Facebook directly from your site.

Another hidden feature about the Facebook Comment module for Pligg CMS is that visitors commenting on a story at your site have the option to post their comment to Facebook. The feature is on by default but the user can choose to keep the comment locally to your site if they wish. However most people will choose to leave it as it and post the comment to Facebook which then also posts a link to your story on Facebook. It’s then visible to all their friends. This brings in a flood of new traffic to your site and is a key in having a successful site.

The Facebook Comment Module does not replace Pligg’s default commenting system, it enhances it by providing both options to visitors. The Facebook comments appear right above the default comment system.


  • Easy to install – Only takes a minute.
  • Easy to configure. – Just enter your Facebook App ID on the settings page and you’re done!
  • Automatically adds itself to your Pligg CMS compatible template.
  • Automatically adds a Facebook like button to each story page.
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