Karma Wrangler


Forces Pligg CMS users to participate before being allowed to make submissions.

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Product Description

The Karma Wrangler module for Pligg CMS forces all users to have voted on previously submitted content before they are themselves allowed to make submissions. This highly requested module forces any user to have voted on a certain number of stories (the default number is 5) before they are allowed to make submissions on your site. This will help promote stories faster by making users actually have to participate before they are allowed to add any submissions themselves. This module will also help cut down and block those pesky auto submitting spam programs where bots sign-up|submit|and leave your site|never to be seen again by requiring the user to actually manually vote on a number of stories before the submission system is unlocked. This module installs in seconds and works out of the box, and requires no configuration to work with the default settings.

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