Member Plus


Adds a bunch of new socializing features to your Pligg CMS site. Read below for more details and watch the demo video.

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Product Description

Member Plus for Pligg CMS is a module I’ve been working on for over 2 years. This module adds a lot of socializing features and makes the current social features within Pligg much easier to access and utilize. The Member Plus module adds a static footer bar to the bottom of your browser window. The bar provides quick navigation to many areas of your Pligg site along with some really great new features.


  • Live Chat – Accessible from any page on page on your site. The chat is accessible from the footer bar and drops down from the top of the screen. Users can enter a chat message up to 140 characters per line. Each users message also displays a link to send a private message to that user, and a link to their submitted stories.
  • Private Message Notifications – When you receive a new message you are alerted in the bar at the bottom of the screen. It will also display how many new messages are waiting to be read. Click the link and you will be taken directly to your inbox.
  • Private Message Submitter – Adds a link to the story tools section of every story which will enable users to initiate a private message to any story submitter..
  • Quick Navigation – Single click access to things like your settings, history, saved stories, voted stories, and more.
  • RSS Links – Automatically displays all your category feeds in a slide up menu.
  • Top Users – Displays the top 5 members and links to their profile.

Check out the demo video below.